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Having a fire in your home or property can be a traumatic experience.  Often with a fire, homes and buildings will require windows, doors, roofs, and siding to be boarded-up as the result of the fire department or the fire damage itself.

Our carpenters are trained to board-up structures that sustained all levels of damage and at varying heights.  Most board-ups will require the skill set and knowledge to properly and effectively board-up the property based on the given loss.

Things to Consider

  • Do you need a tight board-up to maintain heat in a cold climate?
  • Do you need to keep rain water out?
  • Does it need to be opened and closed to reenter the property for post fire inspection, content removal, cleaning and more?
  • Is the damage on a 2nd floor, 3rd floor, high rise?
  • Do you need to board up without nailing and causing damage to the exterior?
  • Do you need it secure from potential vandals or for private property?

 Our carpenters are trained and experienced to consider each of these questions as they board-up your property.